Lady Behind the Lens

My name is Cassidy Poling and I’m the owner of Flow in the Dark Productions. I am a Phoenix based writer and filmmaker with a Cinema degree from San Francisco State University. I have a passion for storytelling and I am obsessed with the way film brings stories to life. Flow in the Dark is a production company that believes in preserving memories and telling stories that matter. Our goal is to provide people with the tools they need to share their stories and create conversation about the things that are really important.

Previous Work

Where Do You Go?

2019: 1st Assistant Director

What are those lights outside? Who’s on the other side of the door? These are just a few of the thoughts racing through Julio’s head, one eerie night, as he attempts to get a grasp on his shifting reality.


2018:  Writer, 1st Assistant Director and Production Designer

After a local post office is taken hostage by a hopeless robber, Liv, a young postal worker, must restore order to her workplace despite the antics of her incompetent co-workers.

Watch Man Walk

2018: Production Manager

A young homeless man struggles to maintain his passion for music as he attempts to survive the cold and overwhelming streets of Melbourne, Australia.


2018: 1st Assistant Director

Liam, an uncertain and insecure teenager, stumbles through a drunken night, having to navigate the hyper masculine culture that surrounds him.


2017: Co-Writer, 1st Assistant Director and Editor

Elsa, a young and eccentric girl, tries to wrangle in her creativity as she attempts to clean her room before her Grandmother arrives from Germany.